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48ft (50ft LOA) Flybridge Motorsailer-Catamaran for SALE in Bali

The Catamaran:

This 48ft "Flybridge Motorsailer" - Catamaran is a very well sailing & proven Catamaran especially build for the Tropics or warm weather, but also very safe and comfortable at the Open Ocean.
This Cat is fun to sail with this special Sloop-rigged Sails and everything is simple & easy with not too many Electrics & Electronics and a large Cockpit with a huge "Living Area", Galley- and Navigation Block and a great &, functional Cockpit-Table for up to 8 people.

The Hulls are strongly built in handlaid Fibreglass and each hull has 2 large, private "Double-Cabins" with a real Double-Bed (200x150cm), Cabinet & heaps of Storage, Toilet & Shower.
There are also another two –separated- smaller double-cabins with Toilet in the Bow of the Hulls. The Forward "Portside-Cabin" has comfortable twin bunks and the Starboard-Cabin has a smaller double-bed (145x190cm.)

The Boat is unsinkable due to large buoyancy-compartments in each hull and could be even sailed if the hulls are damaged & floated.
There is a unique "Water-Catchment-System", 8 x Solar-Panels, a Wind-Generator and 2 very economical, powerful & quite "124HP Mitsubishi 4M40 Engines"

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The Boat was professionally build by a Shipyard in Lombok which is specialized in commercial boats for the Government (Police, Coast Guard & Navy) and the Fishing Industry (Power- and Sailing Boats). They build also an Australian designed 40ft Cruising Cat and several European designed Power-Boats.
Our own design is a mixture of an very popular & proven English "world-cruising-design" and a famous Australian Cruising Cat
The Catamaran has many innovative & economical appliances like:
  • 2 x 220-Liter Day-Watertanks with Solar-heating in each Hull
  • 24 qm - Water-Collection-System with Strainers to collect Rainwater which is then filtered and filled into the holding tanks
  • 2 x 2x300 Liter of fresh-water in each hull
  • 1 x (2x)Ice-Block-Cooling and a 12V "Adler Barbour" fridge-freezer system
  • LED-lights & lamps throughout plus some kerosine lamps as "party-light" in the Cockpit and "Anchor-Light"
  • Local-LPG-Stove and seawater-, freshwater- and Aqua-pump at the "kitchen-block" in the Cockpit
  • A custom build & fit Dinghy wwith a new 8HP Yamaha Outboard on it’s own "Davids" on the Aftdeck
  • 2x 200AH + 2x 150AH as "House-Batteries" + 3x 120 AH Starter-Batteries for the engines which are powered by the 8 Solar-Panels, the AirX Windgenerator (and if needed by the powerful "2400 Yahama 4-stroke Genset")
  • Easy to control & maintain Electrical System (because there is not many)
And many, many more

the rear
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This exceptional "flexible" Catamaran can do everything: ocean cruising, charter, sailing cruises or day-cruises.
During the Day the boat could be sailed as an "Open-Cockpit" Daycruiser and at night covered with all "shades down" it offers the privacy of up to 4 double-cabins!
The central nacelle contains the "navigation- & galley-block", the large cockpit table for up to 8 guest and heaps of storage.
The Bali-Cat’s structural integrity is ensured by 5 strong "Ulin-Indonesian Hardwood" Crossbeams attached to the Hulls with strong mounts and flexible rubber-fittings. This system is very well proven, despite a certain flexibility in use.
This Catamaran is safe and seaworthy, pleasant to helm and make little demand on the autopilot, even at high speed.
The Boat is very reasonable priced and it’s "go everywhere concept" makes it a true explorer in warm or temperate areas and a permanent invitation to go cruising.


Please click on the picture for a larger image.


  • Length Over All (L O A):
  • Length Over Deck (L O D):
  • Width Over All (W O A):
  • Width Over Deck (W O D):
  • Draft (empty - unloaded):
  • Draft (Cruising weight - fully loaded):
  • Clearance (under Nacelle):
  • Weight (empty - unloaded):
  • Weight (Cruising - fully loaded):
  • Displacement (fully loaded):
  • Mastheight (above waterline):
  • Mainsail (Wingsail:zip luff, 2 reefs):
  • Genoa:
  • Jib:
  • System:
  • Engine (s):

  • Electric Power:
  • Diesel - Fueltank:
  • Rainwatercollection-Tank:
  • Watertank in the cabins:
  • Freshwatertank (warm):
  • Headroom Master-Cabin:
  • Headroom Master-Bathroom (Shower):
  • Headroom Forward-Cabin:
  • Headroom Forward-Toilet:
  • Maximum Berth:
  • Power Supply:

  • Others:

    1535 cm
    1495 cm
    796 cm
    784 cm
    125 cm
    145 cm
    95 cm
    12900 kg
    14500 kg
    13500 kg
    1435 cm
    27.81 sqm
    30.80 sqm
    16.54 sqm
    Inner & outer Forestay - No Furling
    2 x Mitsubishi Diesel "Pajero-Sport" 115 HP each

    2x 200AH + 2x 150AH + 3x 120AH Batteries
    2 x SS-300 Liter plus 1 x Steel 150 Liter
    2 x 250 Liter
    4 x 300 Liter
    2 x 240 Liter
    215 cm
    195 cm
    195 cm
    185 cm
    3 x Double + 2 x Single
    6x 100W + 2x55W-Solar Panels, AirX Wind-Generator & a
    "2400W Gasoline-Genset" plus 1x Alternator 65Ah + 2x Alternator 90Ah

    3,60m Aluminum-Dinghy with 15HP Mercury Outboard
    HiFi (Radio/MP3/Cassette-) System
    and many, many more!!

Equipment include: strong Nets, Double-Forestay, 4 Winches (2 x Halyard-Winches & 2 x Sheet-Winches), sheets & Halyards, camcleats, LED-Lights in all Cabins, 4 Marine-Toilets, 4 bilge-pumps, 4-burner Gas-Stove, Electric Switchboards, Steering wheel (hydraulic system), large Cockpit-Table with heaps of storage and Icebox, 6 large sitting & storage compartments in the cockpit, Anchor & 60m-Chain, Hull-Paint, Antislip-Deckpaint & Antifouling, 24 sqm-rigid roof with water-collection-system, Navigation Lights, stepladder, mattresses & Pillows, Cushions at Cockpit............ and many more on inspection!


This real "Offshore-Cruising-Motorsailer-Catamaran" is fast, very strong & save, ecological, economical and reliable!

The Yacht could be inspected in Bali by Appointment.
Each hull has its own "Double-Cabin" with an 200x150cm Double-Bed, good storage plus an "ensuite" bathroom with private toilet and ("sunshine-powered") hot water-shower!
The front of the hulls accommodate on portside a cozy twin-bunk cabin with toilet and on starboard another (smaller) Double-Cabin with its own toilet.
The large (and covered) Cockpit has the "navigation- and galley-block" forward and a large & functional Cockpit-Table aft.


This Catamaran is perfect for 4 couples or a family of eight, but also for the "Single-Sailor or Couple" with the ambition to do some charter work and many more occasions.


REDUCED Price as per above description
275k USD
48ft Motorsailer Catamaran for Sale
Bali Motorsailer Catamaran for Sale
Bali Catamaran for Sale
48ft Motorsailer for Sale in Bali
Motorsailer Sale in Bali
Yacht for Sale in Bali
Bali Motorsailer for Sale
Bali Catamaran for Sale


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