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"Michiel de Ruyter " - Diving Boat in Candidasa

12m Fiberglass "JUKUNG" with Sun Deck and 2x 40HP Yamaha's

  • The boat was strongly build with hand laid fiberglass and finished in year 1/2013.
  • 12 x 1,50 x 0,90 meters.
  • Certified for 12 persons, 10 divers, 2 staff.
  • Perfect 2x 40Hp, Yamaha Enduro engines. (Maintenance every 50 hours by Yamaha engineer from Kusamba)
  • Working hours Engines, 700 hours (we have maintance and trip logging sheets).
  • Power steering. Electric starter.
  • Akzo Nobel 2-layer primer and anti fouling, 2 months ago 10/2017.
  • Stainless steel ladder.
Price: IDR 85.000.000, approx US$6.275-

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hull beachport divers portengines
waterview beached engines mooring
portside stbdmooring stern amuk


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